Union Association of Base Ball Clubs


The Union Association of Base Ball Clubs (UA was a professional baseball league that operated in the late 19th century. It was founded as a competitor to the National League (NL) and the American Association (AA) and was the first major attempt to establish a third major league. The UA aimed to compete with the established leagues by offering better player salaries and a more favorable player contract system. However, the league faced numerous challenges, including financial instability, lack of quality players, and poor management.

Despite its ambitious goals, the UA struggled to gain traction and faced many obstacles, operating for only one season in 1884. The league faced financial difficulties, with several teams folding mid-season due to financial woes. Additionally, the UA struggled to attract top talent, as many players preferred to play in the established National League and American Association. The league also suffered from poor management and internal conflicts, further undermining its chances of success. Ultimately, the UA folded after just one season, ceasing operations in 1884 (140 years ago).

FanSeeStats classifies the Union Association as a Rival League as it was a Big Sports leagues that competed against other Major Leagues and eventually folded or became absorbed into the Big Leagues.


Rival League

Seasons Summary

YearChampion# of Teams
1884St. Louis Maroons12
Union Association of Base Ball Clubs Seasons Summary

League Championship Summary

# of seasons: 1

List of teams who won championships sorted by number of championships.

Team# of League Championships
St. Louis Maroons1 (1884)
Union Association of Base Ball Clubs Championship Summary

League Dissolution & League Legacy

The Union Association of Base Ball Clubs (UA) folded after one season that was wracked by teams folding mid-season. It leaves no existing legacy but can be appreciated for its ambition to improve professional Baseball for the players.

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