League Alliance in 1882


The League Alliance (LA) was a professional baseball league that operated in the late 19th century. It was founded as an alliance of several independent leagues to provide affiliation support to the National League (NL). The LA aimed to provide a platform for talented players and teams from various regional leagues to compete at a higher level. This culminated in two teams from the LA being inducted into the NL in 1883.

The LA’s only tracked season (their first season in 1877 is considered to be not worthy of tracking) was a championship series of games between the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Metropolitans who played their first game on May 8 against each other. They would play against other teams who were reportedly part of the Alliance but there is no record of the results.

The New York Metropolitans is reported to have played 162 games in total, winning 101, losing 57, with three being drawn and one a benefit game and against untracked League Alliance clubs, they won 29 games, lost 42, with three being drawn.

The Philadelphia Phillies is reported to have played 144 games in total, winning 72 and losing 64, with six being drawn and against untracked League Alliance clubs, they won 16, lost 44, with five being drawn.

The New York Metropolitans won the League Alliance championship over the Philadelphia Phillies, winning 20 games, losing 12, with one being drawn. [source]

1882 was Season 1 of play and the last season for the LA, taking place 132 years ago. The two teams being from large cities were admitted to the NL the following year, thereby ending the LA.


Rival League

Season Length

No records

Season Champion

New York Metropolitans

# of Teams

2 (only two teams were tracked, reportedly other teams were a part of the league)

Season Standings

Season Playoffs

With there being only two teams, the top team with the most wins at end of season was declared league champion for the season.

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