Welcome to Major Sports Leagues Alpha

Welcome to an open alpha of our authority website related to professional sports. This initial version will use placeholder data from Wikipedia until we can implement the cool ideas we have. Stay tuned!

Major Sports Leagues (major-leagues.com) is a statistics and analysis site focusing on insightful statistics as they relate to the four major sporting leagues that involve Baseball, Hockey, Football, and Basketball.

These major leagues are:

Major League Baseball (MLB)
est. 1869

National Hockey League (NHL)
est. 1917

National Football League (NFL)
est. 1920

National Basketball Association (NBA)
est. 1946

Major Sports Leagues (major-leagues.com) is not affiliated in any way with any of the sports leagues that it reports on. This website acknowledges that all information remains the property of the leagues that are being reported on but will present this information in a new innovative format.

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