The Major Sports League Season Standings begins

Major Sports Leagues ( has acquired from various sources the standings and statistics of the Big Four Sports beginning from 1857.

We are tracking the beginnings of the four Big Four Sports and their associated Major Sports Leagues. Below we indicate the the Big Four Sports, its associated initial league, and the years the sport spans:


Sport Initial Circuit Year Span
Baseball NABBP
National Association of Base Ball Players
1857 to now
Hockey AHAC
Amatuer Hockey Association of Canada
1887 to now
Football WPPFC
Western Pennsylvania Professional Football Circuit
1890 to now
Basketball NBL
National Basketball League
1898 to now

To begin we will post season standings from 2015 and work backwards, while updating the present when a new season of play has been completed. We will be posting each Major League’s season in order of the championship played within the calendar year. For 2015 and the recent history of standings, we will start each year with the NFL (championship in February), followed by the NHL and NBA (championships in June), and then the MLB (championships in October).

Stay tuned as we add seasonal standings for each of the four major leagues, then track how the leagues and cities fare with each other.

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