Meta-League, 2015

One of the unique aspects of Major Sports Leagues is that we calculate a cross-league standings between cities and the four major sports. This is what I like to call the Meta-League Championship Series and is calculated each year starting with 2015.

Each annual season consists of Football, Hockey, Basketball, and then Baseball. This is based around when each season championship is played. The Super Bowl is the first championship played, followed by the Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, and then the World Series.


+31 CPs to Denver for 2015 Super Bowl Championship


+29 CPs to Chicago for 2015 Stanley Cup Championship


+29 CPs to Oakland for 2015 NBA Finals Championship


+29 CPs to Kansas City for 2015 World Series Championship Meta-League Total Championships span to 2015
City Sport Team # Champ. Adj. CPs MLCPs TCs
Denver Football Den. Broncos (NFL) 1 (2015) +31 31 31 1
Chicago Hockey Chi. Blackhawks (NHL) 1 (2015) +29 29 29 1
Oakland Basketball G.S. Warriors (NBA) 1 (2015) +29 29 29 1
Kansas City Baseball K.C. Royrals (MLB) 1 (2015) +29 29 29 1


The MLCP system is inspired by the Donovan Index, but differs from it by how the score is calculated. The MLCP is simply the number of teams competing in a single season minus one, since a team cannot logically defeat itself. While the Donovan Index creates an averaging system by dividing the number of points by the number of seasons played, we think this has the effect of diluting the impact of the championship since only one team can win a championship each given year.


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