Western League in 1894


The Western League (WL) was established in 1894 (130 years ago) to initially support and then challenge the National League (NL)

The WL implemented several innovations and reforms when it re-introduced Sunday games, a playoff system, and strict rules regarding player contracts which helped attract talented players and fans alike. The WL solidified its status as a formidable rival to the NL by expanding to underserved Midwest cities. In 1900, the WL underwent a significant transformation and rebranded itself as the American League, which eventually achieved major league status and became one of the two pillars of Major League Baseball.

1894 was Season 1 of play for the Western League and took place 130 years ago.


Elite League

Season Length

No records

Season Champion

Sioux City Cornhuskers

# of Teams


Season Standings

Season Playoffs

There were no championship playoffs as the top team with the most wins at end of season was declared league champion for the season.

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