National Association of Professional Base Ball Players in 1874


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The National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (NA) was established in 1871 (153 years ago) when a number of its teams broke away from the NABBP. The NA was significant as it established the first-ever Elite level of play in North America with its players being publicly treated as professionals.

1874 was Season 4 of play for the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (NA) and took place 150 years ago.


Elite League

Season Length

April 16, 1874 to October 30, 1874

Season Champion

Boston Red Stockings

# of Teams


Season Standings

Season Playoffs

There were no championship playoffs as the top team with the most wins at end of season was declared league champion for the season.

Events (thanks to Wikipedia)

Notable Player Accomplishments
  • Boston Red Stockings pitcher Al Spalding has a record of 52–16, leading the NA with 52 wins and 617.1 innings pitched. He has a 1.92 earned run average and a 111 ERA+.
  • Chicago White Stockings second baseman Levi Meyerle leads the NA with a .394 batting average, a .889 OPS, and a 183 OPS+. He has 65 runs scored and 45 runs batted in.
  • January 29 – Albert Spalding arrives in England to set up a tour for the Boston and Athletic Clubs to demonstrate American baseball to the English.
  • July 10 – Jimmy Wood, player-manager for several teams in the NA, has his right leg amputated above the knee due to infection. Wood would be re-hired by Chicago to replace Fergy Malone and be on the bench managing 5 weeks after the amputation.
  • July 16 – The Boston and Athletic Clubs depart from Philadelphia for England for their baseball exhibition tour.
  • September 9 – John Radcliff is dismissed from the Philadelphia Club after umpire William McLean testified that Radcliff had offered him $175 to fix a game.
  • September 9 – Boston and Athletic return from their England trip, arriving in New York.

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