National Football League, 2015

2015 saw the National Football League hold its 125th season of premier football (since 1890), and 96th season of formalized league play (since 1922). The season started September 10, 2015 and ran until February 7, 2016. Conventionally, this season is named NFL 2015-2016 since the exhibition and regular season started in 2015 culminating in the championship in 2016.

Thirty-two teams competed in a 16 game season, with twelve of the 32 teams (37.5%) competing in the playoffs. The National Conference and American Conference champions faced against each other for the Super Bowl Championship.


Championships spanning 2015 for National Conference (NFL)
Team # of Championships NC Championship Points
Carolina Panthers
1 (2015) 15

— vs —

Championships spanning 2015 for American Conference (NFL)
Team # of Championships AL Championship Points
Denver Broncos
1 (2015) 15



Championships spanning 2015 for Super Bowl Championship
Team # of Championships Premier Championship Points
Denver Broncos 1 (2015) 31


The 50th Super Bowl saw the Denver Broncos defeat the Carolina Panthers with the following result:

1.     February 7, 2016 – Denver Broncos 24 – 10 Carolina Panthers @ Santa Clara, California


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