Major League Baseball, 2015

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In 2015 we see Major League Baseball (consisting of the National League and American League) hold its 158th season of premier baseball (since 1857), and 112th season of formalized league play (since 1903). The season started April 5, 2015 and ran until November 1, 2015.

Thirty teams competed in a 168 game season, with ten of the 30 teams (33%) competing in the playoffs. The National League and American League champions faced against each other for the World Series Championship.


Championships spanning 2015 for National League (MLB)
Team # of Championships NL Championship Points
New Your Mets
1 (2015) 14


Championships spanning 2015 for American League (MLB)
Team # of Championships AL Championship Points
Kansas City Royals 1 (2015) 14



Championships spanning 2015 for Major League Baseball
Team # of Championships Premier Championship Points
Kansas City Royals (AL)
1 (2015) 29


The 111th World Series saw the Kansas City Royals defeat the New York Mets four games to one with the following results:

1.     October 27 – New York Mets 4 @ 5 Kansas City Royals (14 innings)
2.     October 28 – New York Mets 1 @ 7 Kansas City Royals
3.     October 30 – Kansas City Royals 3 @ 9 New York Mets
4.     October 31 – Kansas City Royals 5 @ 3 New York Mets
5.     November 1 – Kansas City Royals 7 @ 2 New York Mets (12 innings)

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